In what kind of garden do strawberries grow?

In what kind of garden do strawberries grow?


Strawberries are the most productive and fast-growing crop in our garden. It is not only tasty, but also valuable as a medicinal and food product. How to grow strawberries in your garden? How to be effective from spring to winter? It all depends on the right event. This culture can grow in the soil of each person.

Planting strawberries

To plant strawberries in autumn or spring, you need to remove the dark part of the leaves and leave the smallest and smallest pair. If this is not done, the seedlings will simply disappear - they will dry out. This is the most important and common cause of seedling death.

If the air temperature is low during planting, moisture evaporation will be minimal. At this time, dry, damaged and diseased leaves should be removed. Between the underground and underground parts of the culture, despite the cold, there is an exchange of nutritious and useful substances that seedlings need in large quantities. If in late autumn vyvyvazhivaet strawberry, then do not remove all the leaves, otherwise it will die.

In any seedlings, the root system can be closed and open. Closed root systems (in soil, in pots, with cups) have a 100% survival rate. Depending on various factors, seedlings with an open root system are accepted. Strawberries with a weak root system are affected by diseases and have a very bad habit of eating strong and healthy. Planting in early fall is better than planting in spring. In the fall, the seedlings are stronger and grow better, so the crop is grown and raised earlier and earlier.

Planting strawberries correctly

Correct agricultural technology plays a big role in the planting process, the root neck should be at the same level as the soil. If you have to plant deep, then when you bring the idols to water, the heart (growth point) will be under water, if you grow a little, they will take root. In both cases, there is a possibility that the plant will die. Therefore, it was necessary to process the soil (digging, digging) 2-3 weeks before planting due to compaction of the land, and the planting depth could be calculated. If the soil is loose, then it should be compacted before planting, so you reduce the risk of root rupture when compacting the soil.

Then, in order for seedlings to survive well, it should be considered that moisture is necessary. Initially (10-15 days), soil moisture should be 100%. For this, you need to take care of it all the time. It will be easier if you have installed a drip irrigation system. When the leaves grow intensively, watering can be reduced, but the soil should not be allowed to dry out.

How can seedlings with an open root system help survive?

For starters, they are not planted in the planned place, but a student with a scheme of 5-15 cm in a row, 20-30 cm between rows. After that, install the frame and cover with film. Well, if there is a sunny place in the sun, then the seedlings will not overheat in the sun. With such places, it is easier to take care of them. In this school, plants should stay for 2-3 weeks, during which their roots are renewed and new leaves appear. Then they are surrounded by land and moved to a permanently planned place. After planting, you need to help the plants develop well and produce crops. To do this, you need to take care of them - watering, loosening the soil, feeding and fighting with cathedrals and diseases.

Watering strawberries

If a plant not only wants to plant fruits, it should be watered, but if the rain needs to ripen in water, because of excess moisture, the berries will turn into water and lose their taste. . In June, strawberries reach the peak of productivity, often blowing dry winds and high temperatures. Thus, for several weeks, the bushes dry out, so germination is reduced. In this case, it is necessary to provide water immediately after skinning. A few days before the next harvest of strawberries, their sugar content increases.

The best way to cut strawberries

The most important condition for a high yield is soil nutrition. Depending on the type of soil, 60-70 g of superphosphate, 25-30 g of hylan fertilizers, 7-9 kg of compost or peregrivshego manure per 1 meter are added for mulching. This should be done 2.5-3 months before planting strawberries.

Strawberries do not tolerate large doses of chlorine, mineral fertilizers and fresh manure. To get a good harvest, many hygienists make only preplant fertilizers and do not give other lands for 3 years.

At each stage of development, strawberries need different nutrients. In the spring, it is noshenazot, when it blooms, it needs phosphorus, when it grows fruits, complex fertilization is necessary, and in the fall - vocal.

Often spend a few fertilizing with mineral fertilizers. A wonderful effect on the strawberry mixture of root and root pots. Root fertilization brings the soil in dry form or liquid (watered trees under the root). In order not to fluff the roots, liquid fertilizer should be applied to moist soil. An open glued sheet is sprayed on the leaves of plants with a fertilizer dissolved in water. Islamic leaves do not need to be fertilized. It is better to spray the plants in the evening so that the solution stays on the leaves longer.

Earth excitation scheme

Engineering sites are of great importance. They all depend on the size of the site, the goals and objectives of planting crops. Strawberry bull has been growing effectively for 2-3 years. It does not have such fruits.

If you grow bushes for 2 years, then they should be placed at a distance of 20-25 cm with an interval of 30 cm.

If you grow bushes for 3 years, then the distance between rows should be increased by 10 cm, and the distance between rows should be increased by 15 cm.

Some gardeners grow for a year, planting new seedlings every year. Thus, you can plant 50 bushes per meter.

Every gardener should be comfortable caring for strawberries and have enough space for the plant to grow, bear fruit and feed.

The reason for the aging points of development is that the number of hearts increases every year, while the root remains alone. In addition, the larger the bush, the higher it is from the ground, it accelerates this aging and weakens the root system. To slow down this process, at the same time you need to wrap the bushes from the first year of landing until they are replaced by a new seedling. Hilling allows the root to grow over new growth points and the root system grows and grows. The number and mass of strawberries naturally increases, which means that the steam can last longer.

Fruiting strawberry

An important place in the growth of strawberries is the fruit. If the same culture is grown in one plot for a long time, then pests are planted, diseases accumulate and the infectious background grows. Therefore, the plant spends a lot of time and effort fighting these diseases, but can manage fertilization. Therefore, it is necessary to change the soil for plants from time to time. If strawberries are stored properly, the infectious background will slowly accumulate and it will be possible to grow more of them in one place.

Strawberries can be grown for a very long time by the Frigo system. Virus-free material is grown from the cells and stored in a refrigerator until spring. It is dissolved in the spring and sprinkled on the ground. After 65-85 days, when the plants grow and bring a harvest, it is destroyed and dug up. So next spring will be rested. Diseases and pests do not accumulate, because they have nothing for the winter, because there is nothing to eat. If so, strawberries grow, then the soil will be clean for a long time and nutrients will last longer.

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