To grow aloe at home

To grow aloe at home


Aloe is the most popular houseplant. Its taste and appearance are well known to each of us. Few people turn the flower to decorate the house, it is usually grown as a medicine of life. In the article "Growing aloe at home", we will learn how you can grow it and how to use it to prevent certain diseases. Therefore, it seems like a simple thing, but it will decorate your window, you just need to know how to take care of it and all its requirements. And if you learn about proper care, it will have a good effect on the healing properties of aloe.

There are more than 300 representatives of the Aloe family. These can be trees, perennial herbs, sometimes with a trunk diameter of up to two meters and a height of up to 15 meters. All these are inhabitants of hot deserts. The juice is collected in their leaves, and because of their miraculous properties, it is widely distributed to this plant. In the wild, aloe grows in the Arabian Peninsula, Madagascar and Africa. And thanks to modern man, you can meet aloe thickets in Central America, Asia, and Southern Europe.

The representative of the most healing and famous aloe tree, this is our friend of the century. In the 4th century BC, aloe juice was used as a medicine. Egyptians used aloe water in mustaches. According to legend, after the body of Jesus was removed from the cross, it was cleansed of this world with sweet-smelling resin and aloe juice. Cleopatra thanked aloe juice for her beautiful eyes. From generation to generation, people have been passed down with great beauty and health definitions, and we often have aloe stands and powders in front of the window. Use its simple recipes and this plant is a real treasure.

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Stoletnik is unusual, it is very easy to care for it, you only need to know one basic requirement, it likes to grow without neighbors and to be alone.

Care and light
Aloe likes bright places, but does not like too bright sun, it can burn. In summer, you can put aloe on the balcony. The soil should consist of a quarter of sand, because it is soil, a ready-made mixture for cactus. Watering is not often, but a lot. At an air temperature of 15 to 16 degrees, perennials should be watered once every 2 or 3 weeks. It is necessary to avoid rotting of the dangerous roots, good drainage of water and water not to fall on the leaves.

In the summer, it is recommended to feed aloe with a complete mineral fertilizer, but this is not a mandatory measure for it. If you transplant the fire every year, then the nutrients in the soil will be enough.

Spread the aloe, so separate from the radical leaves or root the cuttings. Cut off the leaves or buds after a few days, then throw them in light soil. In the middle of the pot you need to make a small hole, fill it with wet sand and plant a stalk in it.

Juice treatment of the century
Full recovery and long-awaited elimination from many diseases is treated with sweet juice. This juice increases immunity, improves appetite, has wound healing and cholera effects, has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Medicinal juice at home can be obtained from the middle and lower leaves of a 3- or 4-year-old plant. Aloe should be left unwatered for 2 weeks to improve its healing properties, the leaves should be cut and kept in a dark place on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.

Runny nose
5 or 6 drops of fresh fruit juice in each nasal throat with a cold, two or three times a day. It is very simple, but it will not be worse than more expensive drops.
After getting burned, cool the burned area with water and very quickly apply aloe juice to the reddened skin.

Bleeding of the flesh
After biting your teeth, rinse your mouth with water mixed with a tablespoon of juice and rinse. A fresh leaf can be chewed until the aloe juice spreads in the mouth.

Drinking with menopause
Let's take 150 grams of aloe juice, mix it with 300 grams of warm honey and mark the day. The contents are shaken occasionally, then heated and filtered. Take 5 or 10 grams an hour before breakfast.

To increase immunity,
you need to take 20 milligrams of aloe water 5 times a day for 1 or 2 months. Thus, metabolism and physiological functions in the body are normalized.

Uterine bleeding, pregnancy, biliary tract, gall bladder, and some liver diseases that have not been treated with aloe juice.

In cosmetology, aloe juice is used to treat acne and reduce inflammation. A face should be cooked with a tampon moistened with juice, and after fifteen minutes, a nourishing cream should be applied to the face.

Preparation of lotion for sensitive skin
Mix a tablespoon of ginseng flowers, mint, dry sage leaves, and aloe water. Pour this mixture with a glass of boiled water and insist for 2 hours. Then rinse the infusion and instead of washing you can clean your face.

Making a mask to make your skin glow with clarity. Take 3 tablespoons of aloe water and 3 tablespoons of cheese, mix. On pre-washed skin, apply this mask and keep it for 20 or 30 minutes.

Now we know how to grow aloe at home, learn how to care for it and use it for medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

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